About Me

I’m a researcher at SYSLAB, doing research in the area of capability engineering and service oriented computing. I’m also a lecturer at courses (such as ERP and service design).

Martin Henkel is an assistant professor at Stockholm University. His research area includes service oriented computing and process integration. Martin received a BSc in 1995, a MSc in 2000, a PhLic in 2006, and a PhD in 2008, all degrees in the field of computer and systems science at Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology. Prior to starting his PhD studies Martin worked as a consultant, specializing in analysis , design  and construction of distributed systems. Although Martin has been working in the academia for a some time now, he is still fluent in Java programming and keeps abreast of new technologies such as Vaadin UX frameworks and general web development. However in recent years Martin has increasingly talked about value modeling, capability engineering, meta-models, and on occasions meta-meta models and the possibility of a fourth layer in the MDA stack.

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